Why Satan Should Chair Your Meetings?

The best way to get things done is through a well-organized meeting. However, in order for a meeting to be effective, someone needs to chair it. And who better to chair your meetings than Satan himself?

Here are four reasons why: 1) Satan is the ultimate authority figure. He commands respect and his word is law.

When Satan is presiding over a meeting, you can be sure that everyone will be on their best behavior and that the discussion will remain focused. 2) Satan is an excellent communicator. He knows how to keep people engaged and he always has something interesting to say.

Plus, his deep, booming voice is perfect for making announcements or giving instructions. 3) Satan is very persuasive. He knows how to convince people to see things his way and he’s not afraid to use his powers of persuasion for evil (or good, depending on your perspective).

This makes him ideal for leading group discussions and getting people to agree on a course of action. 4) Satan is simply badass. Let’s face it, there’s nothing cooler than having the Prince of Darkness chairing your meetings.

It would just make them so much more awesome (and slightly more dangerous).

If you’re looking for someone to chair your next meeting, look no further than Satan. That’s right, the ruler of Hell would be the perfect candidate to lead your team through whatever issue you’re facing. Here are four reasons why:

1. He’s an experienced leader. Satan has been leading his demonic minions for centuries, so he knows a thing or two about effective leadership. He knows how to get results from his followers and how to keep them in line.

If you want a leader who gets things done, Satan is your guy. 2. He’s not afraid of conflict. If there’s one thing Satan is good at, it’s stirring up conflict.

He thrives on chaos and loves nothing more than watching people fight with each other. If you need someone to help facilitate a productive discussion about a controversial topic, Satan is your man. 3 .

He’s got great ideas . Seriously, where do you think all those great evil schemes come from? Satanic inspiration is responsible for some of history’s most diabolical plots and fiendish inventions .

If you want someone with fresh ideas to bring to the table , look no further than Old Scratch himself . 4 .He understands human nature .

After spending millennia observing humans , Satan has a pretty good understanding of what makes us tick . He knows our strengths and weaknesses , our desires and fears , and he can use that knowledge to manipulate us into doing his bidding . If you need someone who can understand and motivate people , Satan is definitely your guy . So there you have it! Four excellent reasons why Satan should chair your next meeting . Just don’t be surprised if things take a turn for the worse…

1) What are Some Tips for Chairing a Meeting Effectively

If you are chairing a meeting, there are some important tips to follow in order to run an effective meeting. Here are some tips: 1. Start and end on time: It is important to start and end the meeting on time.

This will show that you respect everyone’s time and that you are organized. 2. Have a clear agenda: Before the meeting, create a clear agenda with specific goals. This will help to keep the meeting focused and on track.

During the meeting, refer back to the agenda often to make sure you are covering everything that needs to be discussed. 3. Keep it organized: In addition to having a clear agenda, it is also important to keep the overall structure of the meeting organized. This means having a beginning, middle, and end; as well as keeping each individual discussion topic concise so that you do not run out of time or lose people’s attention.

4. Encourage participation: A good way to encourage participation from everyone in the meeting is by asking questions and soliciting feedback often throughout the discussion. You can also go around the room and have each person share their thoughts on certain topics – this is especially helpful for large meetings. 5 .

Be decisive: If there are any decisions that need to be made during the course of the meeting, it is up to the chairperson to make those decisions.


In his blog post, “Why Satan Should Chair Your Meetings”, author and business consultant Steve Tobak argues that meetings are often unproductive and a waste of time. He suggests that instead of having a human chairperson, companies should consider using Satan as the chairperson. Tobak believes that this would lead to more productive meetings because people would be afraid to waste Satan’s time.

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