Luminara Candles

Luminara has built a solid reputation for its highly realistic looking candles that, as you’ll likely read on various shopping websites look practically identical to a traditional, quality candle. Using patented Disney technology, the LED flames on Luminara products look and flicker just like a typical would and, should you opt for the one of the scented candles, also provide various scents to fill a room with. Thanks to the use of authentic wax coating, to the naked eye it may indeed be hard to tell that these candles run on batteries.

Unlike brands such as WoodWick or Jo Malone, the bulk of Luminara candles don’t come in fancy candle holders, probably because they don’t necessarily need to since they don’t melt. The ones that do come in standard glass cylinder-shaped holders that look like most conventional candle holders. The outdoor candles take things a step further and are available within lanterns that protect the candles, although many candles are waterproof. The selections available have the appearance of a typical wax candle, or you may decide for one of the “specialty” candles that are a little more eye-catching and have elaborate designs etched into the wax coating.

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Where Luminara outdoes its competitors is in its technology that provides a very long lasting candle that can last over 400 hours and, thanks to an optional remote, can be controlled from afar. What’s more, the LED wicks don’t need to be replaced, and the candle itself can be used over and over again. As a result, Luminara’s unique take on candles provides a safe alternative to traditional candles and the associated risks that come with them.

Depending on how environmentally conscious you are, the idea of having to use batteries may not appeal to you. While Luminara is very practical, if you’re intrigued by the idea of a reusable/rechargeable candle that offers a small selection of scents, keep in mind that the scent will eventually run out. Luminara candles are very practical for outside use and intriguingly innovative, but unless you have an aversion towards traditional candles because of its risks or having to replace them once they burn out, you may wish to stick with more traditional brands.

The Good

  • Exceptionally long burn times.
  • Safer than a traditional candle.
  • Easier to use outdoors.
  • Reusable.
  • Authentic wax and realistic flame.

The Bad

  • The candles require batteries.
  • A limited number of scents to choose from.
  • Those looking for an environmentally friendly or natural wax candle may wish to look elsewhere.

My Two Scents

The Luminara candles may be among the more unusual candles in that they don’t fit the standard definition of what most people would consider a traditional candle. Instead of an actual flame, what you’re getting is a battery operated candle with an LED flame that indeed looks like a typical wax candle and produces a particular scent (should you choose a scented candle), but redefines the customary method of lighting a candle and seeing the wax melt.

On the one hand, the Luminara candles arguably outperform the majority of traditional candles when it comes to burn times. While upscale brands like Jo Malone can provide long lasting candles at a premium price, they still pale in comparison to the Luminara candles that can “burn” for approximately 500 hours before needing a battery replacement or recharge.

On the other hand, Luminara candles are seemingly geared towards consumers looking for something more practical and modern than the time-tested formula of a wax candle. If you’re looking for a pleasant vanilla scent to use as a means of giving your living or dining room a relaxing ambiance, you may wish to consider other brands like the organic soy wax Koji Candles that offer a wide variety of scents along with a greater amount of health and environmental benefits.

Luminara Candles Value

Luminara candles are available within one of three categories: indoor, outdoor, and specialty. Because they run on batteries, the majority of the candles (available in sizes from five to nine inches in height) last up to about 500 hours before needing to be replaced and don’t come in ounces. The taper candles that are eight inches in height and one inch in diameter provide approximately 150 hours of battery life.

Prices tend to vary depending on the retailer, but a seven-inch Luminara ivory wax candle costs about $55 at full price. Thus, the burn rate—or in this case battery life—averages about $0.11 an hour.

Available Scents

  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon
  • Forest
  • Unscented

Luminara candles are sold at Bed Bath & Beyond, Pottery Barn, Brookstone, Frontgate, Balsam Hill, Kohl’s, QVC, and Consumer Crafts. Online retailers such as Amazon also carry them at considerably discounted prices.

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