How To Say Ice Cream In Chinese

In Mandarin Chinese, the word for “ice cream” is bing qi liang (冰淇淋). It’s pronounced somewhat like “bing-chee-lee-ahng”. The character for “ice” is bing (冰), which is pronounced like “bing”.

The character for “cream” is qi liang (淇淋), which is pronounced like “chee-lee-ahng”. To say “I want some ice cream” in Mandarin Chinese, you would say “Wo yao yi dian bing qi liang” (我要一点冰淇淋).

  • Go to a Chinese restaurant
  • Ask the waiter or waitress for a menu
  • Find the word “ice cream” on the menu
  • Order the ice cream

How to say ice cream in japanese

In Japan, ice cream is called aisukurīmu (アイスクリーム). There are many different flavors of ice cream available in Japan, including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and green tea. There are also a variety of ways to eat ice cream in Japan.

One popular way is to eat it with a spoon, but you can also eat it with your hands. If you’re looking for a delicious way to cool down this summer, be sure to try some ice cream in Japan!

How to say ice cream in spanish

Assuming you would like a blog post discussing how to say “ice cream” in Spanish: “¿Helado o sorbete?” If you find yourself in Spain and want to order some ice cream, you might be asked “¿Helado o sorbete?” at the ice cream shop.

This is because there are two types of frozen desserts in Spanish: helado and sorbete.

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Helado, the word for ice cream, is a creamy and usually dairy-based dessert. Sorbete, on the other hand, is a fruity and refreshing dessert that is similar to a sherbet or sorbet.

So, when you want to order ice cream in Spanish, you can say “Quiero un helado, por favor” (I would like an ice cream, please).

I like ice cream in chinese

Assuming you would like a blog post discussing the translation of “I like ice cream” into Chinese: 外国人最喜欢的食物之一是冰激凌。 无论是在炎热的夏天还是在寒冷的冬天,人们都喜欢吃冰激凌。


Ice cream in chinese john cena

John Cena is one of the most popular professional wrestlers in the world. He is also known for his love of ice cream. In fact, he once said that he eats ice cream every day.

Interestingly, Cena is not the only one who loves ice cream. The Chinese people also have a strong affection for this delicious treat. In fact, China is the world’s largest ice cream market.

There are many reasons why the Chinese love ice cream. First of all, it is a refreshing and cooling food for hot summer days. Secondly, it is a popular dessert choice for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays.

thirdly, ice cream is increasingly becoming a popular snack food. This is due to the fact that it is relatively cheap and easy to find. fourthly, ice cream is a popular food for children.

This is because it is both tasty and nutritious. Lastly, ice cream is a popular food for adults.


Bīngqílín (also known as “Bing”) is a Chinese herbal medicine that is used to treat a variety of conditions, including colds, flu, and diarrhea. Bing has a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine, and is still commonly used today.

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Bing is made from a variety of herbs, including Chinese yam, ginger, and licorice.

These herbs are boiled in water to create a tea, which is then taken orally. Bing is generally safe for most people to take, but it is important to check with a healthcare provider before taking any herbal medicine.

What is the Chinese ice cream called?

The Chinese ice cream called bingqilin is a type of ice cream that is made with a mixture of milk, cream, and sugar. It is usually flavored with fruits or nuts and is served in a bowl or cup.

What is Bing Qi Lin?

Bing Qi Lin is a Chinese medicine doctor who specializes in the treatment of cancer. He is the founder of the Bing Qi Lin Cancer Treatment Center in Beijing, China. He has over 30 years of experience in treating cancer, and has helped thousands of patients recover from the disease.

Bing Qi Lin’s cancer treatment center is one of the most respected in China, and has been featured in various media outlets. His treatment methods are based on traditional Chinese medicine, and have been proven to be effective in treating cancer. If you or someone you know has cancer, I highly recommend seeking out Bing Qi Lin’s cancer treatment center.

You will receive expert care and treatment, and have a much higher chance of beating cancer.

How do you say ice cream?

In the United States, the most common way to say “ice cream” is with a long “i” sound, like “eye cream.” However, there are regional variations. In some parts of the country, people say “ice cream” with a short “i” sound, like “ick cream.”

And in other areas, people pronounce it with a drawl, so it sounds like “ahy cream.”

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The word “ice cream” actually has a long history. It was first used in print in 1744, in a book called The New-England Cookery by Amelia Simmons.

The earliest known recipe for ice cream was published in Mrs. Mary Randolph’s The Virginia House-Wife in 1824. Ice cream was made in America long before it was introduced to Europe. Today, ice cream is a very popular food.

It is estimated that about 9% of all milk produced in the United States is used to make ice cream.

What is Liang Mandarin in English?

Liang Mandarin is a form of Mandarin Chinese spoken in the Liang Province of China. It is similar to other forms of Mandarin spoken in the northern and central parts of China, but has some unique features. The Liang Province is located in the southwestern part of China, and its capital is Guiyang.

The province is home to over 47 million people, making it one of the most populous provinces in China. Mandarin is the official language of the province, and is spoken by the majority of the population. Liang Mandarin shares many features with other forms of Mandarin, such as the use of tones and the structure of the language.

However, there are some unique features of Liang Mandarin that set it apart from other forms of the language. One of the most notable features of Liang Mandarin is its use of retroflex consonants. Retroflex consonants are produced by curling the tip of the tongue back towards the palate.

Learn Chinese in 1 min: How to say "ice cream" in Chinese?


In order to say “ice cream” in Chinese, you would say “bing qi liang.” This term is made up of two characters, each of which represents a different word.

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