How To Date Paine Furniture

Dating Paine furniture can be a bit tricky, but with a little bit of knowledge and a little bit of patience, it can be done relatively easily. The first step is to identify the style of the piece. Paine furniture was produced in a variety of styles, including Chippendale, Queen Anne, and Hepplewhite.

Once the style has been determined, the next step is to identify the manufacturer. Paine furniture was produced by a number of different manufacturers, including John Paine & Sons, Paine & Co., and Paine Furniture Company. Once the manufacturer has been identified, the next step is to determine the date of manufacture.

The date of manufacture can be determined by looking at the label, which is usually located on the back of the piece.

  • Look for the Paine Furniture Company label
  • This is the most reliable way to identify a piece of Paine Furniture
  • Look for certain design characteristics that are unique to Paine Furniture
  • These include clean lines, simple designs, and a focus on functionality
  • Check for the quality of the construction
  • Paine Furniture is known for its high-quality construction, so look for pieces that are well-made and show attention to detail
  • Consider the age of the piece
  • Paine Furniture was founded in 1885, so any piece that is older than this is likely to be an antique
  • Compare prices
  • Paine Furniture is known for its high quality, so pieces can be pricey
  • However, it is possible to find good deals on Paine Furniture if you know where to look

How to date antique furniture- Shaker chest of drawers

Is paine furniture valuable

Paine furniture is some of the most valuable furniture you can own. The company has been in business since 1885 and is known for their high quality, handcrafted furniture. Paine furniture is made from the finest materials and is built to last a lifetime.

If you are lucky enough to own a piece of Paine furniture, you can be sure that it will be worth a lot of money.

Paine furniture company labels

Paine furniture company labels are a type of furniture label that can be found on some pieces of furniture. These labels can provide information about the piece of furniture, such as who made it, when it was made, and where it was made. Paine furniture company labels can be a valuable resource for collectors and historians, as they can help to date and identify pieces of furniture.

Paine furniture catalog

If you are looking for a new furniture catalog to peruse, you may want to check out the Paine Furniture Company catalog. The Paine Furniture Company was founded in 1885 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. The company specializes in producing high quality, handmade furniture.

The Paine Furniture Company catalog features a wide variety of furniture, including bedroom sets, dining room sets, living room furniture, and office furniture. There is something for everyone in the Paine Furniture Company catalog. Each piece of furniture is made from the finest materials and is built to last.

If you are looking for high quality, handmade furniture, then you should definitely check out the Paine Furniture Company catalog. You will be able to find the perfect piece of furniture for your home, office, or any other room in your house.

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When did paine furniture close

When did Paine Furniture close? Paine Furniture was a family-owned furniture company that operated in the United States from 1869 to 2015. The company was founded by William Paine, who started the business in Boston, Massachusetts.

Paine Furniture was known for its high-quality, handcrafted furniture. The company operated several factories in Massachusetts and employed over 1,000 people at its peak. Paine Furniture began to experience financial difficulties in the early 2000s, and the company was sold to a private equity firm in 2006.

The new owners closed several factories and laid off hundreds of workers. In 2015, the company was sold again and all of its remaining factories were closed. Paine Furniture was one of the oldest and largest furniture companies in the United States.

The company’s demise is a reminder of the challenges faced by the furniture industry in the 21st century.

How can I date Paine furniture

Paine furniture is some of the most sought after antique furniture on the market. Many people want to know how they can date Paine furniture in order to determine its value. While there are a few different ways to date Paine furniture, the most reliable method is to look for specific identifying marks that were used by the company.

One of the most common ways to date Paine furniture is by looking for a label that was placed on the back of most pieces. These labels were usually printed in gold or silver ink and included the name of the company, the address, and the date the piece was made. If you find a piece of Paine furniture with one of these labels, you can be fairly certain that it was made sometime between 1845 and 1860.

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Another way to date Paine furniture is by looking at the style of the piece.

How old is Paine furniture

Paine furniture is a British furniture company that was founded in 1847 by William Paine. The company is best known for its high quality, handmade furniture. Paine furniture is still in business today and is one of the oldest furniture companies in the world.

What is the history of Paine furniture

Paine furniture is a type of furniture that was first created in the late 17th century. It is named after its creator, Thomas Paine, who was an English cabinetmaker. Paine furniture is characterized by its simple, clean lines and its lack of ornamentation.

This style of furniture was very popular in the 18th and early 19th centuries, and it is still highly sought after by collectors today.


To date Paine furniture, you’ll need to look for certain characteristics that are unique to this type of furniture. Paine furniture is often made of mahogany, which is a reddish-brown wood. The furniture may also have inlays of other woods, such as ebony or rosewood.

Another telltale sign of Paine furniture is the use of dovetails, which are interlocking pieces of wood that fit together like puzzle pieces. You may also find furniture with shellac finishes, which were popular during the 18th and 19th centuries.

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