How Many Mikes Hard To Get Drunk

How many mikes does it take to get drunk? This is a question that many people ask, but the answer is not as simple as it may seem. Depending on a variety of factors, including your weight, gender, and how much you have eaten, you could need as few as two or three mikes to get drunk or as many as eight or nine.

How many drinks to 0.08 BAC? | Mikes Hard Lemonade

How many mikes does it take to get drunk? It really depends on the person. Some people can drink a lot and not get drunk, while others can drink only a little and get drunk.

It all depends on how your body processes alcohol.

How many mikes hard to get drunk reddit

How many mikes hard to get drunk reddit? This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on so many factors. How much does the person weigh?

What is their tolerance? How fast are they drinking? Generally speaking, most people will start to feel buzzed after about 2-3 cans of Mike’s Hard.

They will start to feel drunk after 4-5 cans. And, depending on how much they weigh and how fast they are drinking, they may pass out after 6+ cans. So, if you’re wondering how many Mike’s Hard you need to drink to get drunk, the answer is: it varies.

But, generally speaking, 4-5 cans should do the trick.

What percent alcohol is mike’s hard lemonade

Mikes Hard Lemonade is 5% alcohol by volume.

Is 5% alcohol a lot in mikes hard lemonade

No, 5% alcohol is not a lot in mikes hard lemonade. In fact, it is the standard alcohol content for most hard lemonades.

How much is a can of mike’s hard lemonade

Mike’s Hard Lemonade is a popular alcoholic drink, and a can of it typically costs around $5. However, prices may vary depending on where you purchase it. For example, a 6-pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade cans may cost around $9.99.

Chugging mikes hard lemonade

Chugging mikes hard lemonade is a popular way to consume alcohol. The lemonade is usually mixed with vodka or another hard liquor. The drink is then chugged, or drank quickly.

Chugging mikes hard lemonade can lead to intoxication faster than drinking it slowly. This is because the drink is consumed quickly and the alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream quickly. Chugging mikes hard lemonade can also lead to vomiting and other negative side effects.

Can Mikes beer get you drunk?

Yes, Mike’s beer can get you drunk. The alcohol content in Mike’s beer is 5.0% by volume, which is higher than the average beer. Drinking too much Mike’s beer can lead to intoxication, which can cause problems with coordination, judgment, and other cognitive abilities.

If you’re drinking Mike’s beer to get drunk, be sure to drink responsibly and know your limit.

Can 5 alcohol make you drunk?

It is possible to get drunk on 5% alcohol, but it would take a lot of it. For example, if you drank an entire bottle of wine, you would likely be drunk. However, if you only had a few sips of beer, you would not likely be drunk.

The amount of alcohol that gets you drunk depends on many factors, including your weight, how much you have eaten, and your tolerance for alcohol.


In order to get drunk off of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, it would take approximately four and a half cans. This is based off of the average drinker and the alcohol content in each can. Mike’s Hard Lemonade has an alcohol content of 5% and the average can is 11.2 ounces.

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