Circle E Candles

Billing itself as “The Candle for People Who Know Candles”, Circle E Candles come with over a decade of time-tested and acclaimed scents.

The company’s candles are distinguished by the square-shaped candle holders emblazoned with the appropriately circular company logo. These candleholders are also available in metal, depicting a beautiful attention-grabbing design that uses stars, flowers, or crosses.

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The company’s products are available in over thirty acclaimed scents like cherry vanilla, the favorite bird of paradise, and peach harvest, all found within eight categories, providing plenty of varieties.

Circle E explains how its candles undergo a painstaking process in their creation and, considering the glowing reviews, the end results clearly justify that the company’s candle making processes make them quality, appealing products.

What the company doesn’t go into too much detail about is one of the essential ingredients that goes into a traditional candle: the wax. Aside from specifying that it’s high quality, there is no mention of whether it’s paraffin or safer alternatives like beeswax or organic soy wax, the latter used by companies like Koji.

Where Circle E shines is in the incredibly long burn times for its candles, usually outperforming its competitors that cater to a broad target audience. A 28 ounce, double wick Circle E candle that costs less than thirty dollars can burn for up to a whopping 155 hours, an amount of time that’s typically found in much more expensive candle brands like Diptyque and Jo Malone. Even smaller sizes provide a considerable value, with burn times of over seventy hours yet costing less than twenty dollars.

You’ll find many different Circle E candle products to choose from, that go beyond its signature square-shaped jar candles to candle cookie jars, bow boxes, votive candles and even a margarita glass candle. The company also offers an uncommonly broad array of candle accessories, from various candles holders to a keychain and Christmas sleigh.

Unless you live in Fredericksburg, Texas where the Circle E Candles showroom is located, you may need to find a specialty candle store or someone who is a Circle E enthusiast if you’d like to see and experience the scents for yourself prior to purchase. Though the scents have consistently been well-reviewed, not being able to buy Circle E at your local department store is a major drawback.

The Good

  • Exceptionally long burn times.
  • Many candles to choose from, including votive.
  • Lead-free wicks.
  • A large collection of candle accessories for enthusiasts.

The Bad

  • The type of wax used by Circle E is seemingly unspecified.
  • Candles are not sold in most traditional brick and mortar stores.

My Two Scents

When it comes to burn times, the Circle E candles are practically unrivaled. Unless you’re purchasing a candle from pricier brands like Jo Malone, Circle E’s candles cater to a broader range of buyers and provide uncommonly long burn times, ensuring you’re receiving the biggest bang for your buck both in the length of time these candles can burn and the strong scents.

Unfortunately, Circle E candles are held back by the company’s limitations. You won’t find its products in major stores, meaning you can’t determine whether a scent appeals to you before buying it as you would by visiting a store.

The company also says it uses “high quality” wax, but seemingly stops short of explaining exactly what type of wax that is, at least on their website. With more people focusing on clean burning candles, this may be of concern if you want to make sure you’re using a candle that’s safe and environmentally friendly.

Circle E Candles Value

For purposes of this review, we’ll focus on the Circle E standard jar candles and votive candles in order to provide a better comparison with other brands selling these product types:

  • 4-ounce votive candles – 35 hours ($3.95)
  • 12-ounce jar candle – 78 hours ($15.95)
  • 28-ounce jar candle – 155 hours ($21.50)

The burn rates for these three Circle E Candles are as follows:

  • 4-ounce votive candles – $0.11 per hour
  • 12-ounce jar candle – $0.20 per hour
  • 28-ounce jar candle – $0.14 per hour

Available Scents

As previously stated, Circle E Candles features over thirty unique scents to choose from that belong to one of its eight types:

  • Fine Perfumes
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Kitchen Gourmet
  • Indescribably Delightful
  • Natures Floral
  • Natures Refreshing
  • Seasonal Favorites
  • Spicy Aromas

Circle E Candles are not sold in most stores unless you’re requesting to purchase its products via bulk/wholesale means or through online channels.

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